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At WorkRedefined Consulting, we help purpose driven professionals build meaningful brands, careers, and businesses that expand their impact and income.

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our focus areas

At WorkRedefined, we equip & support you  in the following areas:


Career Development

Professional Branding

Business Strategy & Project Management

Team & Leadership Training

Work + Life Balance 


Creating meaningful work for every individual we touch is the goal. We provide the soft skills training & practical hands-on support to maximize the impact & efficiency of your work. 

you've been going through the motions long enough.

You’re working “a job”. Maybe you’ve even built a decent career. But, deep down you know there’s more. The work is getting done. But, you feel limited in your work environment, and overwhelmed by your ideas and dreams. Should you quit your job? Should you start a business? How can you expand into a bigger purpose? Should you pivot to something different? Should you go back to school? Should you create a brand? All of these questions swirl around in your head. You see others creating purposeful careers, brands, and businesses. But, what are YOU specifically called to do?

Well, the clarity, strategy, and support you’ve been looking for is here. 


Our Pillars

Integrity, excellence, & execution: Because half-way done doesn’t align with the greatness within your vision. 

Continuous improvement: Because the moment you think you’ve achieved the best is the moment you’ve already settled for less.

intentionality & Clarity: Because in order to succeed, you must intentional & clear on your why, who, what, and how. 

personal growth: Because who we are is greater than what we do. You can only produce outwardly who you are inwardly. 

work reDefined is a judgement-free zone.

No matter how unclear, underwhelmed, or overworked you may feel in your career or business, the clarity and support you need is here.