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I created WorkRedefined Consulting to break the limitations you’ve placed on yourself and your work. Getting paid to do what you love is possible in corporate America. Your impact is also meant to span beyond your 9-5. We need your voice, brand, platform, and yes, even your business ideas. But, instead of aimlessly going after fluffy, surface-level solutions, we work to help you discover and execute meaningful goals. 

we help multi-faceted professionals,
entrepreneurs, & businesses be successful at work, expand their impact & work better together.

You’re working “a job.” You’ve built a decent career. But, deep down, you know there’s more. The work is getting done. But, you’re limited in your current environment and overwhelmed by your ideas. Should you quit your job? Should you start a business? How can you expand into something bigger? Should you pivot? Should you go back to school? Should you build a personal brand? All of these questions swirl around in your head. You see others creating purposeful careers, platforms, and businesses. But, what are YOU specifically called to do?

Sound familiar? Welcome home. The clarity, strategy, and support you’ve been looking for is here. 

our focus areas

At WorkRedefined, we equip you in the following areas:


Career + Professional Development

Personal Branding + Platform Building

Business Strategy + Project Management

Operations Efficiency

Team Building & Leadership Training

Work + Life Balance 


Creating meaningful work for every individual we touch is the goal. We provide the reliable strategy, training, & hands-on support you need to achieve your goals and maximize the impact & efficiency of your work. 

world-class support at your service

Whether you’re hiring me for your next career transition, booking me to speak at your company, or needing a project manager for your business launch, my goal is to empower, equip, and support the multi-passionate world changer as they navigate their personal and professional goals. 

Why work with me? 

+ I’m an industry-leading, PMP-certified project manager and coach managing multi-million dollar projects for corporate America. 

+ I’m an MBA graduate, certified in Lean Six Sigma, meaning I’m professionally trained to help organizations achieve their missions, reduce wasteful activities, and improve how they work daily.

+ For my career clients, I utilize the same strategies that quadrupled my 9-5 income within 5 years and has now afforded me a 6 figure income. Throughout my career, I’ve become certified in Career Development and Targeted Selection Interviewing. 

+ Resumes and Cover Letters written for our clients have landed them opportunities in competitive professional and residency programs, Fortune 500 companies, governmental/non-profit organizations, and more!

+ I’ve been featured in and worked with top thought leaders & companies such as VoyageATL, Philips, Women of Project Management, Emory University, Piedmont Healthcare, KPMG, PwC (Guidehouse), MedThink, Atlanta Hawks, VA, WorthWisdomWellness, Brenau University, Auburn University, and more!

Beyond my qualifications, I understand what it’s like to have many dreams for your career or business, but you lack the resources, connections, and influence to complete it. I know what it’s like to fail in your career and business and have to start over. I’m most effective because I’m resourceful. I’m good at maximizing what you have and translating your skills in a way to push your career or business to the next level. 

As your next right-hand woman, plan to leave our sessions with the clarity, strategy, and support needed to thrive in your purpose and your work.

What They're Saying

When I felt God calling me to start a podcast, I had so many questions. I had the vision, knew what the end goal looked like, but had no idea how I would get there. I looked into Mel's project management Power Hour sessions after reading more on her website, and it was exactly what I needed. Working with Mel was one of the best decisions I could have made in my early stages of planning! She was thoughtful, creative, gave feedback and asked me hard questions that helped me further mold my idea into clearer picture. I had so many doubts and hesitations of actually getting this podcast off the ground, but after my power hour session, I was left feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired to execute the vision that God gave me. Thanks to Mel, I got a step-by-step guide of how I should proceed in executing my Podcast, and am so excited that my vision will come to life!
Victoria G.
Melanie was a breath of fresh air! I spoke with her a few days before my first interview of the year during a power session. I am transitioning into Project Management from another industry and I knew Melanie would be the best person to prep me for some really tough questions. Long story short, I got the job offer! Even though I later learned it wasn't the role for me, I was able to use the information she sent me and her advice for my next interview and I knocked it out the park!
The Power Hour session was, phenomenal! My brain was all over the place before the call, but you helped me make sense of everything. I walked away with a plethora of action items! I also really like that there’s a recording of the call, sent afterward, and the support and help don’t just stop after that. You make yourself available to your clients, WHILE they’re executing the plan & I find that extremely valuable!
Thank you so much for your professional services! I am grateful for your business! If I had to offer a review it would be stellar! Looking forward to using more of your services in the near future! God bless you and your business!
T. Thompson

Take what you need.

No matter how unclear, underwhelmed, or overworked you may feel in your career or business, the clarity and support you need is here. 


Our Pillars

Integrity & execution: Because half-way done doesn’t align with the greatness within you.

Continuous improvement: Because the moment you think you’ve achieved the best is the moment you’ve already settled for less.

intentionality & Clarity: Because in order to succeed, you must intentional & clear on your why, who, what, and how. 

personal growth: Because who we are is greater than what we do. You can only produce outwardly who you are inwardly. 

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