7 Steps to Revamp your Professional Career in 2021

Learn how to set your 2021 for success and become a highly-sought-after expert in your dream field! Get a pen & paper! 

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We often walk into job searching with great expectation only to quit fatigued. You want the promotion or position with your dream company, but you can never seem to make it in the door. You find the dream job on Glassdoor, you apply with anticipation but receive no response. The fatigue of dealing with your current job, coupled with the uncertainty of job-searching can be mentally exhausting. 

“I just want to get paid decently for doing what I love. Is that so hard to find?”

“I want my job to mean something.” 

“I want freedom in my work; so, I can be more present in my home and personal life.”

“I’m tired of diminishing my expertise in underwhelming positions.”

Sound familiar?

If 2020 has taught you anything, it should teach you that nothing is for certain. Your job can be here one day and gone the next. That promised promotion can quickly become an imagination of the past. 

So, how exactly do you revamp and reclaim your professional career in a time like this? Shouldn’t you just join the thousands of people who apply with a generic resume to the already scarce number of jobs available?

What if I told you that opportunities aren’t scarce at all? What if I told you that you have more opportunities now to create the life of meaningful work you’ve been hoping for? 

The opportunities are here. But, your strategy must change. Instead of jumping to the next quick hit, your next move is going to require diligence, patience, and intentionality. 

The techniques in this post aren’t for those just trying to get a job to pay the bills. These strategies are for those wanting to make a lasting impact in their careers. These strategies are for those wanting to build an impact beyond even their current workplace. 

Instead of “seeking”, let’s position you to be sought after

Today, we’re going to talk about 7 steps to revamping your professional career in 2021 by positioning yourself as a highly-sought-after expert in your field.

Let’s get started.

7 steps to revamp your professional career in 2021 

1 Clarify. Clarify. Clarify Again

If you don’t know what you truly want, you can’t know where you’re going. No more applying to jobs you don’t even really desire. 

This first step takes the most time because it requires you to dig deep. But, don’t miss this. A great resume and cover letter aren’t the keys to success. Clarity is key to success. 

So, let’s do this. Take a piece of paper and write your ideal workday. Lay aside everything you’ve done in the past. Lay aside everything you do currently. Turn off your social media so you’re not influenced by others. Write out your workday as if you were in a perfect world with no external pressures.

I don’t want you to just write out the dream. Write out your day to day activities.

For example,

My Ideal Work Day

  • At 9 am – I start my workday on Client Abby’s project. Abby is in the process of launching a new service within her existing business and needed my help. I gave her my proposal which she accepted. So, I’m beginning to build out her customized project plan. 
  • At 11 am – I have a team meeting. In this meeting, we’re setting our intentions for the week. But first, we must celebrate Johnny who was recently accepted into his degree program. Previously, Johnny was laid off from his job and homeless, but my company provided an opportunity to learn a new skill and work for us. And now, we’re investing in his future by helping him get through school. So, we have a surprise celebration for Johnny. Then, we get to work on our client needs and assign tasks.
  • At 1 pm – I’m engaging on social media with our online community. Our community consists of employees, entrepreneurs, and employers all working together for one purpose – to create meaningful work. We provide daily tips and a safe space for networking. Just recently, one of the employers in our community hired 5 employees within the community after our most recent networking event.

You get the picture. I want you to plan out your ideal workday. And, I want you to answer these key questions.

Key Questions

1 – What am I doing?

2 – Who am I helping? 

3 – How am I helping them? From your customer to your supervisor to your colleague. What value are you providing them? What tasks are you helping them with? How are you troubleshooting? Are you educating them? Are you helping customers navigate through something?

4 – In what capacity are you helping them? Are you an employee? Are you an employer? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a volunteer? What does your title entail?

You have to take the time to clarify…

  • What you want to do…
  • Who you want to help…
  • & How you want to help them.

Don’t allow your past experiences to disqualify you. Maybe what you see yourself looks nothing like what you’re currently doing. But, don’t be discouraged. Simply, clarify the dream. 

Once you’ve clarified the dream, I want you to…

2 Quantify your experience

I want you to quantify your past and current experiences.

Think about all of your experiences, paid and unpaid, your advice to friends, your research, your volunteer experience, etc.

Your expertise goes far beyond what you’ve done for an employer. What have you helped friends and family with? What do they come to you for? What are you constantly educating people on? Even if it has nothing to do with what you currently do. 

But, don’t just list them out. Quantify them.

  • Maybe you helped a friend by educating her on real estate. As a result, she was able to secure a $300,000 home within 90 days. That’s a quantified result.
  • Maybe you volunteered to help high school students by mentoring them. Now, every single kid you mentored is in college. That’s a 100% success rate. 
  • Maybe you helped a friend double her social media clientele with your advice. That’s a 50% increase in client growth & engagement.

Quantify all of the experiences you’ve had in your desired field even if it’s unpaid. How many years of experience do you have? Who did you help? What was the result?

Now with your clarified dream and your quantified experience, are there opportunities to connect the dots? What experiences do you have that play a role in what you want to do?

3 | Begin sharing your expertise & experience

Nope, we’re not starting with a resume and cover letter just yet.

We are positioning you to share with the world what you have to offer. 

But, how can you share your expertise? 


  • Writing articles on LinkedIn about your field/position/industry. 
  • Commenting on your dream company’s article/blog/video/post and sharing your take on a matter they recently posted.
  • Creating your own professional website where you blog about your experience in a specific field/position/industry.
  • Sharing on your social media about your experience & knowledge within your field. You’re constantly on social media anyway. Why not share what you know.

Example article: How I helped my friend secure a $300,000 home in just 90 days, and how you can do it too. Be sure to write out your article, get it spell-checked using Grammarly, and cite any additional sources you used.

The point is, we don’t just want your resume. We want you. To position yourself as an expert, we must know your expertise! The key to becoming sought after is sharing your knowledge with the world. You don’t have to post on social media every single day. But, create a cadence of sharing your knowledge so that we can become familiar with what you have to offer. Then, when we learn of opportunities that relate to your expertise, jobs will come to YOU.

4 | Search for what’s missing.

Think about people who are doing what you want to do, how are they doing it? Do they own their own business? Are they working for a company? What’s their title?

Research & think of the people you admire in that field or industry. What are they doing? How did they get there? 

Grab keywords from your clarity assessment. Put those keywords into a LinkedIn search to find out what opportunities exist and how people are currently operating in those fields.

Using an education example… Suppose you want to work with college students.

  • Well, do a Linkedin search and type in college students.
  • Begin to look up potential job opportunities that have to do with college students.
  • Begin to research people who work in education. What credentials do they have that you’re missing? What content are they sharing that you’re missing?
  • What do college students need help with most? Then, research the barriers that current college students are facing?

Every barrier is an opportunity.

So begin to see what opportunities exist. Begin to research what the need is. Begin to research who is currently helping with those barriers.

Some helpful places to research:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google 
  • Glassdoor
  • Career Contessa
  • Balance Careers

5 | Update your LinkedIn (or other social media platforms) and begin connecting with others in your field.

Connections can get you farther than your resume or cover letter ever could. 

It’s not enough to just add a nice headshot to your LinkedIn profile. Again, start sharing your expertise. Begin connecting with the people you found who do similar work. 

Engage with their content. Reach out and introduce yourself stating you admire their work and look forward to learning from them.

Begin locating LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups that tailor to what you’re trying to achieve. Join any communities related to your field. Yes, some of them will be paid communities. But, if it’s valuable, I say invest in your future! People pay to be in rooms all the time! 

Update your LinkedIn to position yourself as the expert you are. Build a bio around your desired work and expertise. Talk about your results. 

6 | Then, update your resume and cover letter. 

But, don’t just highlight your generic experience. Tailor your resume to what you want to do. You’ve found the opportunities available by googling those keywords you’re interested in. You have potential job titles because you’ve done your research. Now, begin to tailor your resume and cover letter to those job descriptions. Begin to plug in those same keywords from the job description into your resume. 

Begin to plug in those quantified results. For more on job searching and tailoring your resume, listen to this podcast episode from our Founder, Melanie Christina

The more specific your resume and cover letter, the better. More on this later.

7 | Repeat the cycle of sharing, connecting, learning, and applying.

Applying to jobs is only 1/3 of the work. Build your portfolio by sharing your expertise. Build your network by connecting with others on social media. Then, have your resume and cover letter ready for when the opportunities arise. Because you’re positioning yourself as an expert, you can now apply with confidence. You’re now applying to positions with your resume, cover letter, and now a portfolio of what you know and how you can help them.

That’s how you push above the crowd.


Let’s say that you don’t know how to exactly tailor your resume. Or, you can’t connect how your past experience ties into what you desire today. Maybe you need help creating content around your expertise.

I’d love to help you with our Signature Professional Development Revamp Program

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Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have the strategy, tools, and resources needed to be a leading expert in your field. 

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Has this helped you in any way? Feel free to leave comments and questions below. We’re here to serve you and help the world see what’s within you. Let’s get to work and revamp your professional career in 2021! 

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