building a better tomorrow by redefining work today.





Gone are the days where we work a job we hate for decades.
Gone are the days to just be content with a paycheck.


Let me guess. You go to work and come home knowing there’s more.
You look around and see others fulfilled in their work and “living on purpose”.
You see others starting & thriving in business and making true impact. But, how can you experience that?

Maybe you have a vision, but you lack the help to push past your day to day.
You lack the strategy and resources to push your goals forward.

You want something better for yourself. You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

But, have you expanded your vision beyond yourself?

That’s where we come in!

At WorkRedefined Consulting, we help our community create meaningful brands, careers, and businesses that will expand your impact and income. We put our people first and develop the best professionals and businesses to impact our world. 
For professionals — We brand you as the expert you are to expand your impact both within & beyond corporate America.
For aspiring entrepreneurs — We help launch and scale your business. Regardless if you’re launching a side hustle, a passion project, or scaling your business into your full time job, we’re here to provide the strategy and day to day support to make it a reality.
For organizations –We help you build purpose driven leaders that will take your business visibility, and impact to the next level. 

Our Focus Areas

Professional Development & training : Professional Branding | Career Development

Business Strategy & Project management : Business Assessment & Coaching | Project Planning & Execution

Team Building & leadership DEVELOPMENT : Custom Trainings, Workshops & Retreats 

WORK + LIFE BALANCE: Personal Growth | Self Discovery Assessments | Restful Productivity

Meet our founder
Melanie Christina, mba, CAPM

As a millennial with a highly-anticipated career on one hand and the twists & turns of life and  on the other, I really struggled to find my place in corporate America post-grad. Fresh out of college, I was hired by one of the top healthcare organizations in the Southeast, and I did great on the job! I was always applauded for my work, but something was missing. I was a good hire, but I didn’t have a true seat at the table. My voice was often minimized due to my age, race, and gender. My desired reach and impact was often limited as I left my job both overworked and underwhelmed. I truly wanted to create an impactful career. But, I was exhausted with endless researching and still not knowing how. 


Then, things began to change.

After a challenging conversation with my boss around my unfulfillment and uncertainty, we began to create a plan of action. I was enrolled in the New Leaders Certification Program within my organization. I gained decades worth of knowledge on navigating the workplace and leading with people and purpose in mind. I also endured a rigorous Career Development Program gaining the skills and tools needed to help myself and others transform their careers. Then, I went back to school for my MBA and Lean Six Sigma certification while also earning a certification in Project Management (all while working full-time). It was hard work, but I was on fire to create a meaningful career and position myself as the expert I knew I was within. I was promoted quickly (twice in one year) and on my way to an impactful & prosperous career. But, I came to a crossroads. Am I going to keep all this knowledge and experience to myself? Or, am I going to pay it forward to help someone else? 

A few months later, I started a brand & blog to help millennials navigate their post-grad transitions and career paths. Seeing my audience go from post-grad depression to living purposeful lives was mind-blowing. Seeing them expand beyond their limitations to create a real impact both in & out of the workplace became my why. 

Fast forward to today, I’m an industry-leading project manager managing multi-million dollar projects for corporate America with world-renowned healthcare organizations such as Emory Healthcare and Piedmont Healthcare. I’m an MBA graduate and certified Project Management Professional (PMP). I also have certifications in Lean Six Sigma, meaning I’m professionally trained to bring business initiatives to life resourcefully. I serve as a high-end consultant helping purpose-driven professionals build careers and businesses around their true passions. I help my clients think beyond where they are today to tap into how they can build a better tomorrow. 

I utilize the strategies that quadrupled my 9-5 income within 5 years. Throughout my career, I’ve become certified in Career Development and Targeted Selection Interviewing. Resumes and Cover Letters written for our clients have landed them opportunities in competitive professional and residency programs, Fortune 500 companies, governmental/non-profit organizations, and more!

Beyond my qualifications, I understand what it’s like to have a dream for your career or business. But, you lack the resources, connections, and influence to bring the dream to life. I’m most effective because I’m resourceful. I’m good at maximizing what you have and translating your skills in a way to push your career or business to the next level.