our approach

The solution is simple. 

Our approach is different. 

Instead of surface level strategies, we do deep, inner, & reflective work to find out 

(1) Who you really are

(2) What’s your true calling after unpacking your story, experiences, gifts, and skills


We clarify your bigger “why” and your next steps. Then, you leave with a detailed strategy and 1:1 support to execute your next steps.


You’ve gotten this far on your own. 

It’s time for intervention.

Let’s breathe life back into your work.


Check out our current solutions below.

What They're Saying

When I felt God calling me to start a podcast, I had so many questions. I had the vision, knew what the end goal looked like, but had no idea how I would get there. I looked into Mel's project management Power Hour sessions after reading more on her website, and it was exactly what I needed. Working with Mel was one of the best decisions I could have made in my early stages of planning! She was thoughtful, creative, gave feedback and asked me hard questions that helped me further mold my idea into clearer picture. I had so many doubts and hesitations of actually getting this podcast off the ground, but after my power hour session, I was left feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired to execute the vision that God gave me. Thanks to Mel, I got a step-by-step guide of how I should proceed in executing my Podcast, and am so excited that my vision will come to life!
Victoria G.
Melanie was a breath of fresh air! I spoke with her a few days before my first interview of the year during a power session. I am transitioning into Project Management from another industry and I knew Melanie would be the best person to prep me for some really tough questions. Long story short, I got the job offer! Even though I later learned it wasn't the role for me, I was able to use the information she sent me and her advice for my next interview and I knocked it out the park!
The Power Hour session was, phenomenal! My brain was all over the place before the call, but you helped me make sense of everything. I walked away with a plethora of action items! I also really like that there’s a recording of the call, sent afterward, and the support and help don’t just stop after that. You make yourself available to your clients, WHILE they’re executing the plan & I find that extremely valuable!
Thank you so much for your professional services! I am grateful for your business! If I had to offer a review it would be stellar! Looking forward to using more of your services in the near future! God bless you and your business!
T. Thompson

"power hour"
strategy session - 60 minutes

Ready to bring clarity to your ideas and create a plan you can actually execute? Our power hour calls will help clarify, plan, and execute your immediate career, business, or branding goals. 

Career Topics for this call can include: Professional Branding, Career Transition & Job Searching, Resume/Cover Letter Review, or Interview Prep  

Business Topics for this call can include: Branding, Business Launch Planning, Systems/Operational Efficiency, Diversifying your Products/Services/Offers for Expansion, or Content Strategy.

"BRAND ME today!"

Ready to brand your expertise or passion, but don’t know how? Have you been sitting on this idea of creating a “brand” for a while? Has Google stressed you out, and you just need a jumpstart customized for you? Our “Brand Me Today” Intensive is for those ready to brand their expertise/passion ASAP. Our VIP Day helps professionals create a purposeful online presence that positions them as the experts they are! At the end of this session, you’ll leave with a customized done for you brand strategy, content & online strategy, resources, and templates to build a successful professional brand online. If you’re ready to expand your impact and income like yesterday, this session is for you.

career transition accelerator - 8 weeks

Ready to transition into work that aligns with your true calling? For 8 weeks, we’ll discover your true calling, assess your experience, clarify your professional goals, conduct research for potential opportunities, build your professional brand online,  prep you for future job opportunities & interviews, and develop your short term and long term career development plan.

business strategy & project management service - 3-6 months

Ready to pivot your skills to launch your own business, but don’t have the time or energy to execute alone? Let us serve as your project management consultants. We’ll plan, facilitate, and help execute your next brand/business launch from start to finish. We’ll create a project plan based on your time, budget, and resources. Then, we’ll work to keep you on track, and help execute all tasks necessary. 


Ready to invest in your business by investing in your people? We provide team training & development via workshops, retreats, or other events as requested. We can cover the following areas: Career Development, Professional Branding, Building Authenticity & Connection in the Workplace, Project Management & Productivity Skills, Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment, Discovering your True Calling, Creating Work + Life Balance


Need ongoing coaching to help keep your career or business on track? Let us serve as your “on-site” consultants. We’ll check in regularly and talk through & provide strategy for your pain points and goals. If you’d like consistent coaching while you launch/scale/pivot your career & business, you don’t have to do it alone. Let us walk with you.

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