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It’s time to expand your impact. Society says you either have to settle for a corporate job or struggle your way through entrepreneurship. Both are lies. You can find success, stability, a competitive salary, and meaning in your corporate career. You can also pursue your passions and expand your expertise into meaningful businesses without the stress. 

Your dreams are not impossible. They can quickly come to life with the right strategy & support. Our proven frameworks help professionals align with work they love, expand into entrepreneurship, and scale to run multiple ventures without the stress. We also provide businesses with world-class professional training and project management support to execute your next-level vision.

Ready to get started? Check out our current programs and packages below.

Career redefined program

Our CareerRedefined coaching program is for ambitious professionals looking to land their dream job and build a meaningful career they’ll love. We use our proven framework that’s helped clients transition into purposeful and well-paid careers with competitive graduate programs, Fortune 500 companies, governmental/non-profit organizations, and more! Not only will we coach you, but we will execute the work with you. 

Together, we will:

+ Clarify and outline your short-term and long-term career goals 

+ Create a competitive resume, cover letter (or personal statement), Linkedin profile, and elevator pitch

+ Research openings for your next opportunity

+ Prep for your following interview & salary negotiation

+ Build your online presence through personal branding

This program includes our signature career pivot curriculum, one-on-one coaching sessions + full recording, and 90 days of additional client access to ask further questions.

Optional Tracks: 

(1) 60-minute Career Power Hour Strategy Call | Optional Topics (choose one): Career Goal Planning, Resume Editing, Cover Letter or Personal Statement Editing, Job Search Assistance, Interview Prep, or Personal Branding & Platform Building,

(2) VIP Day Intensive | An all-day strategy & workshop session for those ready to execute ASAP; 

(3) A 6-week Accelerator for those ready to land their dream career within six months; 

business redefined | Brand/Business Consulting & Project Management

With our BusinessRedefined package, you’ll have an industry-leading project manager and consultant on your side to help you run a profitable and meaningful brand/business that increases profit, connects with your audience, and runs seamlessly day to day. Together, we’ll create the strategy and execute the tasks needed to bring your business goals to life. 

Don’t stress yourself out by launching your dreams alone. 

We provide hands-on strategy, project management, and process improvement support for entrepreneurs looking to launch and run their business efficiently. We help you launch successful & profitable projects to expand while also improving your operations on the back end to withstand. 

We help with:

+ New Business/Brand Launches 

+ New Launches & Campaigns for existing online & brick and mortar businesses 

+ Process & Operations Improvement for existing businesses looking to scale their offerings and optimize their daily workflow & operations

Who We Help:

+ Aspiring 9-5preneurs looking to expand into entrepreneurship while balancing their corporate job

+ Overwhelmed CEOs looking to expand their business with new projects and optimize their daily workflow operations 

Together we will:

+ Clarify & map out your goals and creating a detailed project plan including timeline, budget, and resources. Then, we help execute action items.

+ Build out your next launch, including build-out of any services/product offers & campaigns, optimized operations & systems, and content & marketing strategy

For existing businesses: Conduct an in-depth business audit to identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency, profitability, visibility, and engagement. Then, we plan and help execute all recommendations and actionable items. 

This program includes: Our signature launch framework, 1:1 consulting and implementation sessions, Detailed action & project plans, Hands-on administrative, project management, & writing support, and 90 days of additional client access to ask additional questions.

Optional Tracks: 

(1) 60-minute Business Power Hour Strategy Call | Optional Topics (choose one): Business Launch Planning, Personal Branding Business, Content Strategy, Operations, Workflow, and Process Efficiency

(2) An individual all-day VIP intensive for those ready to execute ASAP; 

(3) A 12-week Accelerator for those ready to launch or transition within 6 months

Words Redefined | Career & Business Writing Support

Here, we write words that matter. Consider this a safe space for you to unpack your thoughts and leave with the written materials needed to connect with those who need it most. You have the idea. You just need the words.

We provide:
+ Content Writing including blog, podcast, social media, and video scripts
+ Website & Campaign Copy Writing
+ Brand Story Messaging
+ Signature Talks and Speech Scripts 
+ Career Materials Writing – Resume, Personal Statement, Cover Letter, etc. 
+ Business Writing – Standard Operating Procedures, Company Policies & Communications, Business Plans, etc.

Our words have connected with thousands while keeping the ‘one’ in mind. We don’t just write “cute” words. We research & learn everything there is to know about your target audience. We identify needs, pain points, and triggers. Then, taking your stance, expertise, and voice into account, we craft authentic words that will tug on hearts, create loyalty, and ignite others into action.

Our words have:

+ Helped clients transition into dream professional programs, Fortune 500 companies, governmental/non-profit organizations, and more.

+ Increased brand visibility and provided meaningful connections with target audiences through content & copy writing. 

+ Navigated multi-million-dollar organizations through system-wide change management and societal issues. 

+ Helped clients build meaningful brands to leverage their individual stories & passions for worldwide impact, inspiring others towards life transformation.

Interested in receiving the words you need to make the impact that’s needed? Let’s get started by completing the client assessment below.

Corporate Redefined | Corporate TrainingS + Workshops

Ready to invest in your business by investing in your people? It’s time for your people to feel seen, be equipped, and work better together. We provide speaking & training via breakout sessions, workshops, and retreats.

Topics we can cover: 

+ Career Development including resume, interview prep, and career planning topics 

+ Becoming a 9-5preneur: How to expand your impact and income within and beyond corporate America through building a successful career and business

+ My Rough Draft | How to cultivate a meaningful, purposeful life by embracing your past, living intentionally in the present, and removing the limits from your future 

+ Personal Branding as a multi-passionate professional

+ Finding your Bigger Purpose and Cultivating Meaningful Work 

+ Project Management, Process Improvement, & Meaningful Productivity

+ Cultivating Work + Life Balance

+ Working Better Together using the Enneagram


I leverage my corporate expertise to help multi-faceted professionals, solopreneurs, & companies be successful at work, expand their impact, and work better together.

+ Industry-leading, PMP-certified project manager with experience managing multi-million dollar business projects for corporate America. 

+ MBA graduate, certified in Lean Six Sigma, & professionally trained to help organizations achieve their missions, reduce wasteful activities, and improve how they work daily. 

+ 5+ years experience managing operations & coordinating projects for large organizations

+ My career strategies quadrupled my own 9-5 income within 5 years and have now afforded me a 6 figure income. Our clients have landed opportunities in competitive professional and residency programs, Fortune 500 companies, governmental/non-profit organizations, and more!

+ Certified in Career Development and Targeted Selection Interviewing. 

+ Featured in and worked with top thought leaders & companies such as VoyageATL, Women of Project Management, Philips, Emory University, Piedmont Healthcare, KPMG, PwC (Guidehouse), MedThink, Atlanta Hawks, VA, WorthWisdomWellness, and more!

Beyond my qualifications, I understand what it’s like to have many dreams for your career or business. Still, you lack the resources, connections, and influence to complete it. I’m most effective because I’m resourceful. I’m good at maximizing what you have and translating your skills in a way to push your career or business to the next level.

As your next right-hand, plan to leave with the clarity, strategy, and support needed to thrive in your daily journey of living out all God has called you to be.

What They're Saying

When I felt God calling me to start a podcast, I had so many questions. I had the vision, knew what the end goal looked like, but had no idea how I would get there. I looked into Mel's project management Power Hour sessions after reading more on her website, and it was exactly what I needed. Working with Mel was one of the best decisions I could have made in my early stages of planning! She was thoughtful, creative, gave feedback and asked me hard questions that helped me further mold my idea into clearer picture. I had so many doubts and hesitations of actually getting this podcast off the ground, but after my power hour session, I was left feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired to execute the vision that God gave me. Thanks to Mel, I got a step-by-step guide of how I should proceed in executing my Podcast, and am so excited that my vision will come to life!
Victoria G.
Melanie was a breath of fresh air! I spoke with her a few days before my first interview of the year during a power session. I am transitioning into Project Management from another industry and I knew Melanie would be the best person to prep me for some really tough questions. Long story short, I got the job offer! Even though I later learned it wasn't the role for me, I was able to use the information she sent me and her advice for my next interview and I knocked it out the park!
The Power Hour session was, phenomenal! My brain was all over the place before the call, but you helped me make sense of everything. I walked away with a plethora of action items! I also really like that there’s a recording of the call, sent afterward, and the support and help don’t just stop after that. You make yourself available to your clients, WHILE they’re executing the plan & I find that extremely valuable!
Thank you so much for your professional services! I am grateful for your business! If I had to offer a review it would be stellar! Looking forward to using more of your services in the near future! God bless you and your business!
T. Thompson

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